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Rock Chip Repair & Auto Glass Replacement

Mighty Clean Auto Spa

We can usually repair a chip if it is smaller than the size of a nickel. Although we don’t require an appointment, it is advisable to call ahead to ensure we are able to assist you right away. It is important to get your rock chip filled as soon as possible. When you drive around with a chip in your windshield it collects dirt and water making a repair less successful. While your windshield has an unprepared chip, it’s good to try and avoid hard bumps or harsh temperature changes such as blasting your defrost on a cold day or washing your car with cold water on a hot day. These situations may cause the chip to spread. Even if a chip isn’t impairing your vision while driving, it is still dangerous. Chips create a weak point in your windshield which is part of the structural integrity of the vehicle.Due to the fact that we have to put some pressure onto the chip to inject the resin, it isn’t ideal to repair the chip when the weather is extremely cold or wet. Although it is extremely rare, there is some risk that your chip may spread during the repair. To put your mind at ease, we warranty our rock chip repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. Once the resin has been injected into the chip, we heat the area to open it up, which increases the amount of resin intake as possible. We then harden it with a UV light and once the resin is hardened, the repair is permanent. While it does reduce the look of your chip in most cases, the main purpose of the chip repair is to keep it from spreading.

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Service Fee

  • 1st Rock Chip
  • 2nd Rock Chip
  • Additional Rock Chip
  • Windshield Crack
  • Windshield Crack + 1 Rock Chip