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Auto Detailing Products

When trying to detail your car at home, there are tons of detailing supplies available off the shelf that you can choose from.  While these off the shelf products are good for do it yourself at home jobs, we are Mighty Clean Auto Spa use name brand commercial grade products to clean and wax your car.


When waxing your car use mild soap and water, thoroughly clean your car in preparation for waxing it. You want your car to be completely clean and completely dry before waxing. Wax has a tougher time adhering to dirt and moisture than it does the spanking clean surface of a clean car. Rubbing and polishing compounds are slight abrasives that actually remove a fine layer of clear coat from your vehicle in order to achieve a smooth layer and even coloring. In very hot weather, the wax dries instantly as soon as you apply it to the car, making buffing quite difficult. This can also make the wax difficult to remove once applied. In colder weather, the wax is hard to move around and apply to the car itself. Mostly for temperature reasons (addressed above), it’s best to wax your car indoors so that the rays of the sun don’t interfere with the waxing. Sunlight can heat up the car in addition to leaving waxy residue on the car which becomes difficult to remove. If you can, wax in your garage, where the temperature is more or less controlled and the rays don’t penetrate. If you don’t have a garage, find a spot in the shade of a tree or building to work, pick an overcast day, or work in the cool of morning or evening.

Choose a wax that you will use on your car. Ideally, the ones containing genuine carnauba prove to be the best products although they are usually a little more expensive. But there are other kinds of wax that you may also want to know about:
“Cleaner wax” is generally a little less expensive, but also proves to be harsher. Cleaner waxes often remove clear coat from your car. If you’re using this kind of wax on your car, consider removing the polishing step from your pre-wax maintenance.
Spray waxes go on easier, but of course there’s a downside: They don’t last nearly as long. Tested varieties of spray waxes tended to last only a couple weeks before succumbing to the elements.