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Auto Detailing Tips

No matter how rotten your vehicle’s engine is, if the car’s interior and exterior remain pristine, you’ll get compliments on your car. In North America alone, the car wash and auto detailing industry rakes in a whopping $9 billion a year. People clearly love to have a spotless car – inside and out. If you are one of those people, here are some tips on how to keep your car’s interior and exterior in tip-top shape.

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Loosen Up the Dirt on Your Floor before Vacuuming It Up

To avoid leaving dirt behind after a long vacuuming session, loosen up dirt on your floorboard. To do this, take a can of suppressed air or a hard-bristle scrubbing-brush to all of the carpeting to your car. Doing this will detach the dirt from the carpet fiber, ensuring that you will have a more successful vacuuming session.

Clean up Your Leather Seats with Aloe-Based Cleaning Solutions

While most know how to clean cloth seats, plenty of people are unaware of how to take care of leather seats. There are plenty of cleaner solutions for leather seats. However, the most effective and safest ones contain aloe. Aloe-based solutions will not damage your seats over time. They also will not make your seats feel greasy to-the-touch.


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Degrease Your Tires before You Clean Them with Non-Acidic Cleaning Solution

Always rid your tires of any grease or thick grime before using any sort of cleaner. You’ll have an easier time cleaning your tires if you do so. Once you’ve gotten the grease off your car, make sure to use a non-acidic cleaning solution to get off any remaining dirt. Acidic cleaning solutions slowly strip your tires of their protective coating and contribute to their deterioration

Only use Microfiber Cloths to Wipe Down Your Car

Microfiber cloths should be a staple inclusion in everyone’s auto detailing session. These cloths leave no streaks behind on any part of your car, including the windows. They also act as a more effective drying material than an old cotton rag or a piece of newspaper.

Don’t Use Dish Detergent on Any Part of Your Car’s Exterior

Many people include dish-detergent in their arsenal of car cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, these people probably do not know that dish-detergent is an auto detail’s worst nightmare. Dish-detergent removes the wax coating from your car. This means that every time that you use soap from your kitchen to clean your car, your car will be more exposed to the elements than ever before. In addition to this, dish-detergent also ruins the coating on tinted windows. You can avoid all of this by using a soap that does not act as a degreaser (ex: scentless hand soap, plain body wash, etc.).

Wax Your Car At Least Once a Season

Wax protects your car from scratches and scuffs. Even if you are extra careful with your car, someone or something is bound to ruin your cautious efforts. By waxing at least once every season, you’re protecting your paint-job from minor external damages year-round.