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Mighty Clean Auto Spa

Auto Detailing Edmonton Deals

Summer is over and fall is already here.  Done with your camping and summer vacation?  Time to get your car cleaned and in top shape again.  At Mighty Clean Auto Spa we have excellent winter promotions and deals to get your car, boat, rv, motorcycle detailed.  We offer full service interior cleaning and exterior wash including power wash.  We have one of the best “Edmonton Deals” for your car.  Stop searching for “Auto Detailing Groupon” and “Auto Detailing Coupons”.  With those offers you end up with companies that simple want your money and have no interest in providing you with quality service.  They low ball the price to get you to buy the groupon but then they scam with you additional charges when you actually take your car in for the wash.

Auto Detailing Deals

We offer straight up pricing, no hidden charges and best of all, top notch service.  We are the number details shop in Edmonton.  So give us a call now and book an appointment for your cherished automobile.