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Auto Detailing Tips and Ideas

The vehicles we own ought to be well maintained since we spent a lot of cash to buy them. Besides, proper cleaning will always make your car appealing to the eye. Its resale value will remain high and you will always have the confidence to drive it around the neighborhood. There are various tips that will help you in your auto detailing endeavor. These include:

Cleaning the Carpet

The car carpet is the part that is most vulnerable to dirt. Look for a brush with hard bristles that has enough physical strength to scrap dirt of the carpet. Some dirt engulfed in crevices can be pushed using special pieces of wires or plastic rods.  Collect the dirt in one location and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. You can as well sweep the dirt to a dust bin if using cumbersome to you. In the scenario of an acid spill, you require to have a strong base to neutralize it. Wash afterwards with a lot of water and soap.

Cleaning the Headliner

You need to have a microfiber garment and a special detergent. I.e. rinse-less. Be gentle as you wipe it and take care of the lights since they can be short circuited by the liquid you are using.

Removing SaltDeposits

A lot of salt from the environment usually deposit under the cars. This can be from precipitation or from the salt used to melt snow on the roads. Salt deposits possess a lot of risk as it causes corrosion to any part it comes in contact with. Washing it of is not a complex work. All you need is ample water supply, soap or any other normal detergent and scraping equipment. It should be done regularly since deposition occur on a daily basis.

Cleaning Leather Car Seats

The seats get dirty quickly since it is the part we interact most with. Use a brush with strong bristles to brush of any dirt that has accumulated over time. Then wipe them using a cloth that has been treated with leather cleaner. Finish your cleaning procedure by applying an appropriate conditioning product. This will leave your seats sparkling.

Cleaning the License Plate

Unscrew the screws that attach the plate to the car using a screwdriver. Remove the dirt using a suitable brush. Then use a cloth treated with a cleaning agent to wipe it. Return it to its position after it dries up.

A Child Auto DetailingAuto Detailing the Exterior

Use a gentle brush to remove any debris such as mud attached on the car body. Apply a cleaning product of your choice on the body and wipe gently using a piece cloth. Rinse using a reasonable amount of water. Mud trapped inside the mudguards can be removed by spraying them with strong jets of water.

Cleaning the Ceiling

Apply rinse-detergent on a cloth a cloth and use it to wipe the ceilings. Do not use water as it can cause damage by dissolving   the adhesive that hold various things in position.

Cleaning the Tires

Use a brush with very hard bristles to brush of dirt. Apply enough energy so as to remove all the dirt engulfed between the threads.  Spray the tires using an all-purpose cleaner and wipe using a cloth. Do not any washing agent that might corrode the tires.

Washing the Windows

The glass windows are usually washed using a soft cloth, an appropriate detergent and water. If there is a buildup, then you will start your cleaning procedure by employing an all-purpose cleaner then wipe using white vinegar that has been diluted in a right proportion.  This dissolves any buildup available.

Cleaning Alloy Rims

Start your cleaning by employing the use of an all-purpose cleaner. The use a brush with hard bristles to brush of the dirt. Wipe using a cloth and finally apply an alloy metal polisher of your choice.

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