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Many people find it is a boring task to wash their car. It is a time eating task. Most of the people do not even ready to spend on car cleaning as they have a mindset that car washing do not affect its running condition.

A car should always look cleaner not only from the outside, but from the interior also. It will give a good impression to the viewer. A clean car looks attractive. Apart from that a good car wash will enhance the life of your vehicle It protects the paint of the car and in this way protects your investment. When you wash your car at your home, you need more water. You have to wash it with more and more water to clean the soapy residue. And in this process more water will go waste while, the car washes use less water to clean your car. They recycle a portion of the water. It is observed that auto car wash needs only 35 gallons of water while home car-wash require 150 gallons of the same. Some top notch car wash facilities are the there. You can take help of them and can give your car a greater longer life. Car cleaning may be a time consuming task, but in reality it protects your hard earned money to get wasted. There are various advantages of keeping a car clean.Such as:

Firstly, it saves gas. When a heavy vehicle like a truck is covered with mud and dirt, its weight become more and it will consume more gas. Even a small car has 10 pounds of dirt and mud underneath it. Always try to keep your car light. If you are not using anything, don’t keep it in the car. For example, you can remove the third row seat of an SUV if you are not using it.If you try to keep the car light weight then its actual mileage will go high.

Secondly, it increases the resale value of the vehicle. Washing the car in a correct manner and putting paint and clear coat of finish will protect the life of your car. If you will take proper care of a car and take an auto car wash regularly, then your car will depreciate less and will give you a good amount at the time of disposal.

Another reason is that a proper maintenance of the car will protect it from getting rusted. Sometimes with snow and salt in the environment the metal of the car will be rusted. So it is the duty of the car owner that as the weather get dry very soon the car should be washed with high pressure wash station. So that the salt on the outside as well as inside will go off.

Another good thing associated with an auto car wash is the pride. Some people felt proud if they keep their car clean. It is difficult to maintain a black car than any other color car. So do you understand now the real need of top notch car wash…